Vehicle fun Facts

This page is just a fun fact section on the different vehicles shown. The facts were sourced in different sites, to add some interesting touches in this interactive page. Navigate to the credits page for attribution.


It’s Illegal To Shout “Taxi!” This is because it can distract the driver and might cause an accident. So, instead of yelling for a cab, raise your hand to indicate that you need a ride.


Did you say 1935? That’s when Chevrolet made the world’s first SUV, the Carryall Suburban. This brand mainstay has survived for 11 generations and is continuing into 2022.

Police Car

The first police patrol car was an electric wagon that protected the streets of Akron, Ohio in the late 1800s.


The word “van” is a contraction of the word “caravan”, which currently refers to a boxy travel trailer or camper towed behind a road vehicle.

Moving Truck

When you rent a moving truck, don't expect to get to your destination as fast as you would if you were driving a passenger vehicle.

Race Car

Racing cars is a secret weight loss trick. It turns out that Formula 1 racing can lead to drivers losing up to 4 kilograms in a single race.

Delivery Truck

In Canada, to avoid fatigue in drivers, there are laws in place which allow truck drivers to only drive 13 hours in a day with a required 8 hours off.

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